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Positive Vibes initially spawned from an assignment where the theme of which was no reason, I was to create a game based around the concept of no reason. When given no reason that opened me up to the idea that anything is possible, anything goes, I am not confined by any restrictions and when asked the defining question that every game designer faces which is "Why?" I could just respond with no reason. Personally this theme suited me well as I feel the most enjoyable games I have played have no explanation or context such as "I am Bread" & "Octodad". In I am bread you play as a sentient slice of bread you don't know why your just a slice of bread that can climb walls and waddle around, In Octodad again you don't know why you play as an octopus that somehow can live on land, walk on two tentacles and the biggest one of all the fact that he has a human family but none of which is questioned by the players. All that matters in these games is that it is enjoyable and something can come from it. I feel trying to find reason, deep meanings and conveying hidden messages takes away from a great spark of creativity which is the term "Anything is possible". When trying to find reason, a way of conveying messages and deep meanings in your games I feel that your Game Design is most if not all centred on these ideas which again I feel takes away from your creativity as its giving purpose to every design decision you make. I don't think every game needs meaning, saying "No reason", "Because I like it", "I think it's fun" or "Why not?" are not bad answers to give and through "No Reason" spawned Positive Vibes.


Positive Vibes is a rhythm based point A – B Platformer. Listen to the beats, rhythm and tempo of the song to help guide you're your judgements within the game.

Song List

  • Song 1- Blue Room: Alan Walker - Fade
  • Song 2 - Green Room: The Fat Rat - Windfall
  • Song 3 - Orange Room: Deaf Kev - Invencibles
  • Song 4 - Pink Room: OMFG - I Love You
  • Song 5 - Purple Room: Meg and Dia - Monsters
  • Song 6 - Red Room: Desembra Hit Em

"Keep them Vibes Positive"


Positive Vibes.zip 39 MB